The context for coaching

Coaches will bring in a variety of expertise, depending upon your brief, such as leadership development expertise, talent and succession support, management skills, relationship interaction, career development, difficult situations, presentation skills, personal impact, managing own development, managing development of others, networking, meeting skills, self confidence and resilience, to name but a few.

They will usually have tools that they may use to help in diagnosis or will work with existing tools and techniques that are already available in-house, such as 360 degree feedback, personality/ability profiling and PDP formats.

In terms of the frequency and number of sessions, this depends entirely upon the client, the business and the context. In our experience, this could simply be a one off session for a specific reason, a set of sessions over a fixed term or ongoing quarterly support. As an ex-Director of Talent and L&D, Penny will never seek to prolong a coaching relationship if she feels that it’s not adding value, and will regularly recommend potential development directions to ensure your business continues to realise the value in your L&D spend.

Value of the individual: Clients particularly enjoy one to one time with an impartial coach that will inspire their confidence, accelerate them through their development or through a particularly challenging time. It’s an efficient approach to development ensuring high quality and maximum impact in a short time scale. Impact is greater compared to more traditional methods of development thanks to the focus on one individual , in our experience, 2-3 hours of coaching can have similar impact in a short to 2 days on a group programme. Clients may expect support with development matters that are short, medium and longer term, and that brings in external business insight and more than 20 years of development expertise.

Value to the business: On a broader scale, the business could also enjoy more two-way dialogue with their external coaches.  Providing there is no compromise of confidentiality, coaches are often pleased to be able to share insight with the business on common themes and strategic/development recommendations that would benefit the business, whilst the business could set strategic direction with the coaches.

Coaching may be introduced for wide variety of reasons, often combining several of the following;

  • Significant business change
  • High potentials support
  • Newly appointed support
  • Performance enhancement
  • Career coaching
  • Outplacement support
  • Relationship and networking management
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