What clients notice about working with Penny

In all situations and in everything she does and says Penny conveys a clear message that ‘this is not about me, it’s about you’. She skilfully and purposefully gets herself out of the way in order to be able to understand and help others Penny is a dexterous and remarkable reader of a room of people, with a subtle yet intentional talent to hone in what’s really going on for each indivdual. She gracefully balances this with her ability to be real, transparent and always in service of others (the client). Penny doesn’t understand and read behaviour, she actively studies it, acts on it and calls it out to others to help them understand themselves and their relationships She will challenge unhelpful behaviour but always in the service of the other person, this means she will share he insights with warmth, empathy and humour”
“Possibly the single reason I progressed so well and so quickly was through utilising the tips, ideas and expertise of Penny. Her support was personalised and relevant to the context I was navigating – how she was breast of so much I’ll never know. It unlocked confidence and ability I knew I had but hadn’t used before. Her approach was personal, purposeful and differentiating. Having experienced what Penny had done for my career in accelerating my development and skills advancement I wanted others to benefit (and for me to benefit indirectly with better people!) . Their feedback on their own experience was brilliant, bringing confidence, new skills or tools to instantly apply and test out, discovering abilities that they hadn’t used before. For them, it was liberating and exciting. Penny unlocks people and arms them with confidence and the tools to succeed.”
“My coaching experience with Penny was vibrant and full of energy on both sides. I learned a great deal about myself through Penny’s laser-beam insights/reflections, emphatic listening, and I achieved – and in some respects – exceeded my coaching goals. A trustful atmosphere (confidentiality), focus on the full person, a sparring partner, pace just right, excellent tool kit pragmatic Penny was also my cheerleader! Someone in my court who wanted me to succeed and have a rich life – both personally and professionally, and who helped me see how to achieve this”.
“Penny won’t regurgitate everything you’ve already know. She won’t use a technique or process just because that’s what everyone else does; She craves her own way and only uses what works, and always in service of others(the client). She isn’t seduced by a survival instinct to protect herself,this enables her to be genuinely willing to give unconditionally, and also to disclose her own vulnerabilities. She knows she’s a human, and is completely ok with this. Because she is ok with her own own ‘humanness’,it comes across loud and clear that she is ok with yours too. This creates an environment in which you feel ok to open up your world to he because
a. there is no point hiding you know she’d know what was going on anyway, b. she makes it ok for you to be yourself (vulnerabilities as well). And it is immediately apparent that she knows her stuff that is significantly going to help you”.
“From the very first moment there was this feeling of trust – I felt like I could share all the challenges I faced in my job with her, and I did. Penny always listened carefully and considered my needs. It felt like it was not just another job for her – she valued my unique personality and made the coaching experience so much more personal than I expected – I never imagined it would be that way!. She made me laugh, cry, smile, think, try new things and changed me as a person both in private and in professional life by making me aware of who I am. She is truly transformational…I am much more aware of myself. this helps me in a lot of situations especially when being under stress. I now recognize situations that might stress me in advance and have developed a strategy against that. I was never lacking self-confidence, but now I know my strengths and weaknesses much better and can make use of that . In difficult situations I have learned to coach myself. Penny changed my whole leadership approach”.
“In comparison to other coaches I have experienced, I enjoyed more energy, more practical tips and tools that one can take back to the challenge/job/situation immediately, more and better follow-up that hones in on key issues and work to be done, more personal stories from the coach that provided rich learning opportunities. Penny shows significantly more genuine interest in the client, with more time spent in-between sessions (happy for an in-between call,email). Exceptionally attune to when questioning and listening is called for vs when thoughts, reflections, ideas to test, frames/tools etc, are desperately needed in order to move forward. Penny has worked in corporate environments in leadership roles before so understands the day-to-day challenges and the politics”.

Article Writing Tips from SpongeBob SquarePants

June 6, 2008 By Nicole Dean Leave a Comment

Wisdom can be found in the most unexpected places. Today, wisdom bubbled up from a pineapple under the sea. I suddenly realized that everything you want to know about writing articles for your website can be taught by SpongeBob SquarePants and his friends.

When you write for your newsletter, blog, or website, which character are you most like?

Squidward: Squidward is B O R I N G. When writing articles, are you a Squidward? Do you just get the words down on paper or are you finding a fun twist to entertain your audience and keep them coming back for more? Take time to make your articles stand out from the thousands of other dull articles out there by including personal stories or just having fun while writing. For instance, this article could be entitled to Write a Good Article but would it stand out from the hundreds of other articles about article writing? Probably not.

Mr. Krabs: This crustacean is focused on one thing and one thing only, making more and more and more money. Only a cartoon could actually have dollar signs drawn in his eyes. He thinks of no one, only how he can benefit. Are your articles focused on you or on the reader? Are you providing information or do you have blinders on, thinking only about how you can make money from the article you are writing? If your article reads like an ad or is self serving or full of affiliate links, you might write like Mr. Krabs.

Patrick: SpongeBob best friend, the starfish, has a good heart, but cheap nhl jerseys isn the brightest creature in the sea. Do your articles make you sound like an expert? Are you providing valuable content or cheap jerseys from china just pushing out sloppy articles as fast as you can? Always double check for typos and grammatical errors. Or slow down, set your article aside for a day and then reread it before you click the button.

Plankton: The smallest creature in the sea is also the sneakiest. He do anything and hurt anyone to steal someone else work (the Krabby Pattie secret formula). Write your own material. Don be Plankton. Don copy and cheap nfl jerseys paste someone else work, edit it, and try to pass it off as your own. You will be caught, and it just isn worth it. Take the same amount of effort and work on your own thoughts and ideas. Plankton never gets away with his schemes, either. He on Plan and is still pathetically failing at his attempts to steal the secret formula.

SpongeBob: This little guy always tries to do the right thing, and is a hard worker. He may not always end up getting the results he hoped for, but he bounces back and tackles his work with a renewed vigor. SpongeBob works very hard, he a good friend, he always thinks of others, and tries to have fun no matter what he is faced with. Hardworking, friendly SpongeBob is the guy to be when writing articles.

Although this is a silly lesson in article writing, I hope you remember the important messages our wholesale nhl jerseys china underwater friends have taught us.

1. Be entertaining. Not boring.

2. Write articles to help others, not with dollar signs in your eyes.

3. Proofread your articles carefully, and provide valuable information.

4. Write your own material. Don copy others.

5. Be a SpongeBob! Hard work and persistence pay off.

Before you know it, you develop a following for having informative and entertaining articles and you be King or Queen of the sea. Read our full Terms of Service.Articles Connexes:

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